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an ode to kevin bacon

2010-04-01 15:39:40 by Johnny-Coolguy

i would like to share with you this freeform poem i just wrote

bacon is delicious
yum yum yum
kevin bacon is a cool guy
thats right
yum yum yum

thank you

an ode to kevin bacon


2009-10-02 14:56:40 by Johnny-Coolguy

I've submitted a piece of art I made a long time ago.
Here's a link to it, if you're too lazy to just scroll down a bit.


2009-06-21 22:54:37 by Johnny-Coolguy

After a few days of absence, your favorite cool guy is back.
I see the art portal came. Took a look at it. And I must say.
I am severely disappointed.

The art portal has become...

Deviant Art 2: Electric Boogaloo

Everything that was wrong with Devientart has shown its horrific face on Newgrounds.
Its full of furry shit that nobody wants to see, blurry drawings on notebook paper, MS Paint comics, and video game references (but whats new?)

EDIT: I've found some quality work on the portal after some searching. Maybe the good is hidden under the bad. I have do dig through crap in order to find the diamonds.

New Layout.

2009-05-27 01:04:20 by Johnny-Coolguy

I don't like it at all. Its too soulless. Its too much like Youtube. Damn, I hope this place doesn't end up like Youtube. Then again, all those faggots who leave Youtube-esque reviews on flashes will probably worship Tom as a god. Newgrounds will probably remind those morons of home.

EDIT: Now we can go back to the old ways. Its not as bad now. But even the "classic" mode is in wide-screen. That's kind of annoying, considering I have to scroll sideways to view flash information.

I go to Newgrounds and doesn't afraid of anything.
Not even Mods.
Not even Trolls.
I am fearless.